Our Approach

Our Approach

Bonnie worked in many areas of business, including sales, retail, and wholesale in the natural foods industry with a region that went from California to British Columbia.  She has given presentations on how small businesses can be competitive even with strong competition from big retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Greg also has worked in many industries including an international systems integration company, management assessment company, a company creating helium purification systems, and has been in the business of creating websites, online systems, and digital marketing systems.

Greg is a member of Marie Forleo's B-School, American Writers and Arts Incorporated (AWAI), and the GKIC Inside Circle.

The two recently trained and started presenting indoor and outdoor lighted signs and Electronic Message Centers for a large sign company.

We recently decided that what we really wanted to do is bring all of our combined experience and training together to help businesses light up their sales.

That is how Light Up Your Biz was born.



Our Story

Our Story

Bonnie and I were married on September 30, 2017.  We soon jumped in a Class C motorhome to attend the American Writers and Artist Inc (AWAI) Copywriting Bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida.  Fabulous.

We then conducted some video interviews in the Miami area for a startup project that had some startup challenges.

Since then we have logged over 10,000 miles trying to keep between the snow line and the alligator line visiting friends, relatives, and fun locations.  We also looked for ways to fund the mobile adventure, including travel writing, video, and photography.

The sign business took us over many parts of Texas meeting and talking to many small business owners and managers about their business challenges.

Now we are excited to combine our experience to help many businesses light up their sales.

Maybe even yours!

Next Steps

Contact us for a free review of your business and where you want to go with it.  We will provide a free preliminary report of actions that could help your business.  From there we can do a more extensive report and propose specific things that we can do to help your business grow.

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