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WebinarJam and EverWebinar 4.0

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If you have ever wanted to promote your ideas, products, and services using webinars, this is the time to jump in!

Genesis Digital is has launhed WebinarJam 4.0 and EverWebinar 4.0.

Try WebinarJam for 14 days for $1

The combination of webinars and everwebinars provide a powerful marketing arsenal.


Check out the offer and an excellent introduction video.

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Use Shelf Videos to Boost Sales

It’s like having a full-time demonstration person

Retail has changed…Years ago, Health Foods retailers could afford a slow pace for new products to catch-on as supplement products could be patiently explained by several floor staff.  Now, it’s harder to get and keep your share of the pie.  Tight profit margins effect store staff levels, increasing staff turnover, leaving fewer training opportunities.

Now…there’s fewer retail staff to tell the product stories that customers need to hear.

But wait…

PopVideo can help you tell those product stories right on On-shelf video ads work right on the shelf—It’s like having a demo in the store 24/7!

Proven Sales Booster

Marketing research and PopVideo customers have proven that one of the best ways for shoppers to discover new or ‘new to you’ products is with short on-shelf video ads.  Thousands of store deployments have proven the power PopVideo’s on-shelf video ads to tell product stories when
shoppers are ready to listen and ready to buy.  PopVideo can dramatically increase those products unit sales velocity. Reported results have shown:

  • Year-over-year, same product, in-aisle promotions have shown up-to 70% increases
  • Adding PopVideo to promotional end-caps has shown 89%–120% increases

PopVideo is proven to work in natural channel stores.

Plus, as a bonus, PopVideo helps to familiarize store staff with new or unfamiliar product stories, allowing staff to better explain them.

Modern Video Advertising

Our “smart video” tech makes it easy to use and unobtrusive because it’s motion-activated.

  • No non-stop looping to drive the staff crazy! — sleeps when shoppers leave, wakes as they return
  • No need to lose facings or do a reset—just place bottles on its stage-top for easy installation and use
  • Use cordless with rechargeable batteries or plug it in
  • Easy installation—just tighten wingnut on any shelf

The Power of Video

YouTube and Facebook have proven the power of video ads.  Now you can bring that power directly to the shopping shelf.

The PopVideo Solution

We create broadcast-quality information videos that run
in our PopVideo players on your shelves.

We offer packages that include video production, player rentals, and training.

See Sample Clips

Contact or and join the video revolution!

Get the ULTIMATE SHELF-TALKER for your store.


Complete Digital Marketing for Natural Health Retailers

Do you have a retail operation with one or more stores?

Is there room to grow your business with more customers and more sales?

Do you see digital marketing working for your competitors?

Would you like to do more marketing to increase sales?

Most businesses will say yes to all of these questions.  

However, they often don’t have a strategy and they don’t have staff with the skills and time to implement a complete Digital Marketing Plan.

We can help.

Members of our team have been working in the Natural Health, Natural Foods industry for many decades.

We’ve run retail shops, been brokers, and created video and marketing materials for small and large companies in your industry.

Seen what works.

Here is a Digital Marketing Plan that you can try for your business. 

Great if you are already doing some of the important steps.

Grow Your Mailing List

While not the sexiest marketing tool, a mailing list works.  I subscribe to mailing lists that send out something interesting every single day.  Eventually, I will take action on something I receive in my inbox.

The secret sauce is that each email needs to be interesting and relevant to your customer.  

Things to include are:

  • Your weekly sales brochures.
  • Information about new products or services.
  • Articles about new developments in your industry.
  • What’s on sale.
  • What you recommend.
  • News about customer appreciation day, product demonstrations, and other fun events in your store.

Use Video

Video is everywhere and growing daily.  We could cite many studies that show how important video is in marketing.  The evidence is in what you see on your screens.  
Video simply engages and works.
We have experience creating effective videos for wholesalers and retailers in your industry. Some of our clients have paid thousands of dollars for a single short clip.  
You do not need to spend that to increase your sales with video.
Some clips to add to your marketing include:

  • A product recommendation.
  • News about a sale.
  • A clip about a special event.
  • A profile of your store.
  • Clips from your suppliers.
  • And much more.

We recommend using at least one video a week across your website, mailing list, and social media.

Create once, use many times.

Use Social Media

Facebook. LinkeIn. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest.  The New Thingy. It can be overwhelming.
Instagram has a billion users with 500 million active users every day.
Facebook Groups and Pages are used by many thriving businesses.
Facebook Ads can be an inexpensive way to increase your presence, your sales, and grow your mailing list. 

How We Can Help

We would like to run a pilot project with your business to increase your bottom line.

Risk-free at a rate you can afford.

We propose to work with you for one month to do the following:

  1. Build a mailing list.
  2. Send out 5 emails a week.
  3. Create and deploy one video clip a week. That is 4 effective clips a month.
  4. Grow Facebook and Instagram followers.
  5. Post on Facebook and Instagram at least once a day.

This is how you can track how effective the campaign works for your business.
First of all, measure where your business is right now with metrics that are important to your business:

How Will You Know It Works?

  • What are your daily sales?
  • Track how many people come in your door each day?
  • What is the average spend per customer?
  • How many people are on your mailing list?
  • Do you have many followers do you have on social media?
  • How many people buy the products actively promoted?

You establish a benchmark at the beginning of the pilot project and measure at the end.

Success indicators are:

  • More sales.
  • A larger mailing list.
  • More people coming in your door.
  • Increased spending per customer.
  • More social media followers.
  • Noticeable boosts in sales of the products that are promoted.

Risk-Free Guarantee

 Try the campaign for a month and we don’t increase your numbers for most of these metrics, we will refund your money in full.

What Is Your Investment?

If you are doing some or all of the above already, you will have a good idea about how much time and money for staff a Complete Digital Media Plan implementation can cost.

Larger companies will have budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars to run similar campaigns.  Sometimes they will spend that each day.  

It works.

How much is 5% more sales a day in a large Whole Foods Market?

What would 5% more sales per day do for your business?

Would 20% more sales help your profitability?

Our Special Offer

We want to have a long term relationship with your company to help it grow.

We want to make sure our Digital Marketing Plan will work for you.

So here is the deal.

We will implement the tools, strategies, and services to achieve the following:

  • Grow your mailing list.
  • Send out 5 emails a week.
  • Create and deploy 1 video a week.
  • Post at least once a day on Facebook and Instagram.

All you need to do is provide information you already have on products, events, and sales.

There may even be co-op or sponsorship money from suppliers who will love this approach.

Since we want your trust and appreciate that cash flow is not always where you want it to be, we offer to implement the Digital Marketing Plan for your business for one month for a low $997.

All we ask is a $500 retainer to get started.

At the end of the month, you pay the balance out of your increased sales.
Or, if your metrics do not show positive growth, we will return your $500 retainer.

Sound fair?

We fully expect that you will be able to measure an increase in sales for the month.

From there we will discuss an ongoing retainer to continue to grow your business using our Digital Marketing Plan.

By then we will know your business better and you will know and trust us.

Together we can determine a monthly budget to generate growth appropriate for your business.

What do you think?

Greg Dixon

Complete Digital Marketing for Natural Health Retailers
604 762-6410


La Familia Cortez Restaurants in San Antonio ~ Brilliant Marketing!

At least once a week I receive an email announcement from La Familia Cortez Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas.

La Familia email advertisement

Bonnie and I ate in the restaurant and signed up for the newsletter when signing on to their WIFI.


The mailing list strategy was just one of many things the restaurant did right to market and present itself.


The reason we were there in the first place is that the RV park we were staying at recommended it.  He said to come early as there were usually lines.

Mariachi Bar

We arrived shortly after 4 pm, before the rush.

The restaurant is very festive, with bright colours and decor everywhere.

There was a Mariachi Bar to the left of the main entrance, and restaurant to the right.

The photos here were taken with my cell phone and the  evening rush had mot started yet.

Great Service

The servers wore great costumes, were fun, and provided great service.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Very tasty!

Mariachi Band

A group of musicians and singers roved around the restaurant, adding to the festive atmosphere.


Leaving the restaurant was dangerous! By the front door was a bakery offering irresistible treats!


We left feeling that we had a fabulous experience and will go back next time we are in San Antonio.

The walls are filled with photos of family members and famous guest, showing proud family history.

Email adLa Familia Website

The website offers photos, family history, the menu, items from the gift shop, family recipes, job postings, and more.

Overall the marketing for this restaurant is superb and offers much to learn.

And those specials that show up in email!

Hard not to want to go back:-)

— Greg Dixon

A Marketing Plan for Online Courses

We are in the process of building two online courses, also known as information products.  The courses and sales funnels are being built in Kartra.

When ready to launch, the marketing plan looks like this:

Overall Strategy

  • Generate awareness and interest in the online courses.
  • Build lists of interested people.
  • Offer bonuses and gifts  to entice people to try the products.
  • Make irresistible offers.

Marketing Actions

  • Build a website that has information about the author, workshops, online courses, and personal coaching available.
  • Have clear Call To Action statements, buttons, and links for signing up for a free newsletter and notices about product releases and new blog posts.
  • Have pages and purchase buttons for each offering.
  • Use sales funnels where appropriate.
  • Post blog posts regularly using content from the information products.  The strategy is intended to:
    • Demonstrate value by providing useful information.
    • Provide a place to receive organic traffic through Search Engines.
    • Present a Call To Action (join mailing list, purchase product, sign up for a workshop, …)
  • Post entries on social media pages such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and others to do the following at various times:
    • Announce the website
    • Provide links to blog posts that followers may be interested in.  The strategy is to give information of value even if most people will not end up being customers.
    • Provide launch and product information as appropriate
  • Send out emails to our people on our personal contact lists to announce the site and encourage them to sign up for the free newsletter.  These notes are best made as personal as possible and short.
  • Send regular newsletter to mailing list subscribers.  These are likely to contain brief summaries and links to recent blog posts as well as news about product offerings.   Again, we want to provide valued information and not simple a sales pitch if we want people to continue opening the messages.  We are playing the long game.
  • Have links to specific landing pages on each book, bookmark, business card, and handout given out at special events and speaking engagements.
  • Issue press releases.
  • Look for speaking engagements.
  • Network.
  • Use direct response marketing (postcards, shock and awe gift packs).
  • Be available for interviews.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Consider all means of getting the word out about the products and services.  There are 1.8 Billion websites and growing by the second, so it is not easy to get noticed in the noise.

Our first project under construction is Romance Your Writer Within by Dr. Melba Burns.  There will be an online course based on her book and classes, and information about classes and personal coaching with Dr. Melba Burns.

Romance Your Writer Withing

See Site

Do you have a book or program that would make a good online course?

Let's Talk

Collin Street Bakery – Visible From Germany

Very large sign at Collin Street Bakery, Texas

Bonnie and I were headed for Dallas Texas when she noticed the enormous sign for Collin Street Bakery.  Our 25′ motorhome looks like a Tonka Toy below the sign!

Bonnie had been ordering their fruitcake online for decades and wanted to see the store.

The shop shown here is very large with lots of samples and reasonable prices.  There is ample parking for tour buses.

Inside there are photos and some of the history.

The original store was a small bakery based on a fruitcake recipe from Germany.  There are photos of delivering by horse and buggy and also the small shop with a luxury hotel above the store.

Free Samples

As guests checked out, the shop stuck samples in the luggage.

Some of the guests were the owners and members of the Ringling Circus.

They liked the baked goods so much that they asked for fruitcakes and other goodies to be shipped to Germany and other European countries.  That launched a mail order business.

Today they ship to 50 states and 196 countries.

Learn More About The History of Collin Street Bakery

Amazing Marketing

It amazes me how a few entrepreneurs can take a simple idea and grow it to become a worldwide phenomenon.  Companies like Wallmart, Starbucks, McDonalds, and Cracker Barrel started out small and grew.

Collin Street Bakery saw an opportunity and ran with it using samples, advertising, order catalogues, and more.

And yes, a sign that is big enough to be visible from Germany!

What business would you like to grow?


We Are Building Our Future On Kartra and You Can Too!

  • Bonnie and I have combined our collective experiences with sales, marketing, websites, video, copywriting, and content creation to form a company called Light Up Your Biz to help you Light Up Your Life.

One of our niches is creating and marketing information products such as online courses, workshops, and webinars.

In addition to websites, social media, and WebinarJam, we are building our business and helping our clients with Kartra, a new all-in-one digital marketing platform.

See Kartra Information Page

Here how we will use Kartra to help our clients succeed:

  • Build membership sites on Kartra, including video, text, exercises, and illustrations.
  • Build mailing lists of people interested in the information products and other goods and services. Kartra maximizes and tracks delivery and open rates.
  • Build sales funnels and opt-in pages  to build lists and sell information products and services.
  • Build pages to augment those of WordPress websites.
  • Host video on Kartra for use in marketing campaigns and information blogs.  Kartra provides detailed analytics about who watches the videos and how far they watch.  Offers and other marketing tags can be built into the videos.
  • Design and build sequences and automations.  Say a person opts in to a seven part series on writing.  Kartra can automatically send one part a day for seven days.  Each mailing could include offers and other calls to action.
  • Integrate Kartra with WebinarJam to present information and marketing webinars.
  • Integrate Kartra with payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe to handle all payments.

Kartra integrates a suite of key services that would have taken many platforms such as InfusionSoftMailChimpLeadPagesClickFunnelsKajabi, and others to achieve.

If you have used or considered using any of these platforms, Kartra is absolutely for you.

The Genius of Kartra is that the platform integrates all of the essential tools in one easy to use and affordable platform.

Please check out Kartra and the special $1 trial. As a bonus you will see some entertaining videos!

Whether you sign up for Kartra yourself or want to have us use Kartra to Light Up Your Business and Light Up Your Life, we are here to help build your future.

Please check out the Kartra Launch and let us know how we can help you Light Up Your Life.

Greg and Bonnie Dixon

Light Up Your Business
Light Up Your Life

Information Product Development and Marketing

Do you have a book, program, product, or service that would make a great Information Product?

Lazy Morning Yoga Information Product Sample

We work with authors, coaches, trainers, and knowledge area experts to create and market information products for online delivery.  The product itself is presented with multimedia elements and tools to help the subscriber be successful.  Other labels for ‘information product’ include ‘course’,  ‘product’, and ‘training system’.

We use sophisticated marketing campaigns and an affiliate marketing system to ensure that as many people benefit from the information in the program as possible.

Marketing of the Information Product could lead to speaking engagements and workshops for the content creator, which in turn can create sales of the Information Product.

We can also facilitate webinars for part of the course delivery or free webinars as part of the marketing strategy.

The first step is to discuss your content offering and how it could be made into an information product or training course and the size of the potential market.

Contact Us

Typical Agreement

Assuming that we are a good fit for product and doing business together, where is what a typical arrangement would look like .


What we do is license your intellectual property to provide a basis for the Information Product and use in marketing the Information product.

You retain the copyright for your original content.

Ideally we work with you to organize and develop the online product.  Like a movie made from a book, there will be editing, restructuring, and additional assets created.

Product Development

We ideally work with you to create the online product and marketing materials using images, copy, video, and audio.  If you have workbooks and exercises related to what your teach, we will build those into the system for access in the membership area for each client.

Sample Information Product

Say you have a book on writing and teach a course on writing.  Here is what your information product may look like:

  • Introduction
    • Introduce yourself
    • Describe what to expect in the program
    • Provide tips for making the most of the program
  • Module 1
    • Introduction
    • Video, audio, text delivery of the parts included in the module.
    • Access to worksheets and additional tools for the member to use.
  • Modules (5 to 7 recommended)
  • Conclusions
    • Congratulations
    • Next steps.  Maybe there is an advanced course or personal coaching offered?

The subscriber will have access to a membership area that provides access to what they signed up for.

Note: It is possible to provide free access to the Introduction and Module 1 and offer paid access to the rest of the program and premium features.  People can try before they buy, which is often a good marketing strategy.


We develop marketing campaigns to promote your product.  Here are areas where you can help make the launch a success:

  • We create introductory videos with you explaining why you created the product and the transformations the client can expect from using the product.
  • Ask you to contact your best customer list to ask for testimonials and to join your mailing list.
  • Ask you to send information to them about the launch and ask them to opt in to a mailing list.
    We can provide copy that you can tweak.
    We will offer them the ability to become an affiliate for your product.  We hope that they would refer people to your product because they love you and your work, though the promise of some referral income could inspire more action.
  • We design landing pages, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and more to generate interest in the information product.
  • We may run webinars to introduce the information product, answer questions, and generate leads and interest.

Affiliate Program

We will set up an affiliate program where your supporters can earn commissions from promoting your product.  They will receive an affiliate link that they can use in their promotions.  They will then be paid commissions on a regular basis based on sales.  We are currently thinking a 20% commission.

You could become an affiliate of your own product and earn commissions in addition to your share of the revenue.  Awesome!

Revenue Potential

People such as Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, and Eben Pagan sell millions of dollars worth of information products and services.

So it can be done.

Can that be done for your product?  That depends.

Have you sold many copies of the base book?

Have lots of testimonials?

Have a decent list of contacts on email and on social media?

Then you have a base that could translate to decent or potentially amazing sales.

Starting from near zero? Then it will take a lot of work to get decent sales.

Say you have a product that you offer for $200.  If you can sell 100, the gross revenue is $20,000,  If you sell 100 a month, then you are looking at $240,000 a year.

However, experience suggests not to take even the first sale for granted.

What do you think the market is for your product?

Our criteria for starting development on an information product is that it has the potential to reach at least the $20,000 sales mark.  We want to have some reasonable expectation that the sales potential is there.

We expect to invest about $10,000 of time and tools into development and marketing, so the product needs to justify the project.

Budget Considerations

For products with excellent sales potential, we are working on the following revenue sharing model:

  • 40% to the original course creator for licensing and cooperating with the development and launch.
  • 20% to affiliates who promote sales of the product.  Some of you may want to earn money from sales PLUS affiliate revenue.
  • 40% to Light Up Your Biz for building, hosting, and marketing the product.

In most cases we will ask for a $1,000 retainer to get the process started, pay for advertising such as Facebook ads, and have everyone invested in the success of the product.

Other arrangements are open for discussion.

Let’s talk about building and launching your information product.

Contact Us Today
See also Anatomy of an Information Product Promotion.



What is Kartra and Why Would You Want It?

Kartra is an amazing all-in-one marketing, eCommerce, video, and membership site hosting platform that is launching soon.  I was part of the Beta testing program and we are building our business on it.

Here is an overview of the kinds of things you can do with Kartra.

We provide all Kartra Services for our clients.

Contact Us

Mailing Lists

The mailing list is the heart of how many organizations communicate with their members, clients, and potential clients.  Platforms such as Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, and MailChimp support growing lists and broadcasting to mailing lists with offers, information, or newsletters.  If you are inclined to join lists, you likely receive email from systems like these.

Kartra offers list management with beautiful templates and automations and analytics that are simple to use.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM platforms like Infusionsoft and SalesForce help you maintain contact with customers and potential customers and track all points of engagement.  I have heard CRM describes as Customer Retention Management.  Also a good thing.

Kartra tracks all of your interactions with a person, including what emails they received, what they opened, what videos they watched, what offers they clicked on, and when they purchased.

Kartra’s strength is that is takes essential business services and implements and integrates into an overall system

Sales Funnels

If you have ever bought anything online, you likely went through a sales funnel.  You saw something intriguing, entered your name and email to find out more, watched a video or two, then signed up or moved on.  Some of the biggest players are Lead Pages and Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels.  There are many more.

Kartra comes with a range of effective sales funnels prebuilt for you by the best copywriters and marketers in the business.  You simply choose the type of sales funnel, the templates you want to use, and customize the text, offers, upsells, and sales bumps.

The funnels also are preconfigured to manage all of the related automations and tracking.  For example, people who buy a product or service from you receive a thank you message with any information they need to know about their purchase.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page dedicated to encourage people to take an action such as sign up for your email newsletter or join a sales funnel for something they are interested in.

Kartra has a great selection of templates and design tools to build highly effective and gorgeous landing pages that can by hosted by Kartra or integrated into your site.

One main marketing strategy is to use social media posts, press releases, email marketing, newsletter, content marketing, and other direct response strategies to get people to your landing pages.

Kartra Launching Soon

Membership Sites

A membership site is a username and password protected area where members get access to text, video, and other resources included in an Information Product.

One of our main uses of Kartra will be be to host membership sites.  We are in discussion with a number of authors, teachers, coaches, and trainers to make Information Products out of their expertise.

See Anatomy of an Information Product

Help Desk

Most products require support from time to time.  Kartra provides a Help Desk system where customers can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and submit service requests.

Video Hosting

Video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo offer amazing services.   Each platform has unique strengths and limitations .

Kartra offers video hosting that tightly integrates into Kartra landing pages, sales funnels, content pages, and membership sites.


You likely already subscribe to a number of online services and payment processors.

Kartra integrates into a growing range of services, including:

 Kartra Mail, PayPal, Stripe, AMember, Autorize.Net, Braintree, DigitalAccess Pass,
Elastic-Email, @mailgun, nexmo, optimizepress, plivo, postmark, s2Member, SendGrid, tropo, trillio,
and WishList.

Kartra Offers Much Much More

There is much more to Kartra than described above and more features added daily.

Kartra services

Kartra will come out of the gate as a fabulous one-stop source for everything you need to be a successful online marketer or information product provider.

The main strength of Kartra is that it provides everything you need with seamless integrations and easy setups.  Beautiful!

We are also using Kartra ourselves to help promote our clients and sell products and services to make the world a better place.

Kartra Launching Soon

Become a Kartra Affiliate to earn great commissions and prizes for the launch.

Become a Kartra Affiliate

We Implement Kartra Services To Light Up Your Business

We will use our Kartra account to help our clients grow their business and light up their life.

We support clients who purchase Kartra with consulting services. We help you make the most of what Kartra can do for your business.

Contact Us

Anatomy of an Information Product Promotion

Do you have a book, course, or expertise that could be made into an information product?

What Is An Information Product

Lazy Morning Yoga

Young woman exercising yoga

In information product is something that could be packaged and sold as on online digital program or sold as a physical product such as DVDS, CDs, USB drive, and/or a program binder.

Some information products are delivered using a combination of text, images, and video.

An information product could be a course presented in part using webinars.

Could your information product be a workshop or presentation to deliver in person. Or sold at the end of speaking engagements?

The program could be as simple as a short course to teach and simple skill.  Or it could be an elaborate course requiring months to complete.

The best information products can be packaged in various ways and sold at various price levels. For example, Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The information product can also be supported by professional coaching or training sessions.

Where To Start

The first version of an information product can be quite simple.  Do you have something you teach or other service that could be put into some sort of package?

An eBook is a good place to start. The book can help establish you as an expert in your field.

How Do You Know There Is  A Market?

If you have already been teaching or presenting the content, you probably already have an idea.

You can also do a pre-launch.  For example, you could create a campaign in advance announcing that the program is coming and offering the eBook or an excerpt as incentive for people to sign up to your mailing list.

Some marketers will test the waters by doing a short campaign to to get people to sign up before developing the full product.   If no one seems interested, then maybe it is not worth developing the product.

If there is strong interest, then they dedicate their efforts into developing and marketing the information product as quickly as possible.  Many products can be released incrementally.  For example, a course in writing that has seven modules could be released one module at a time.

The ideal is still to have the complete program available for purchase at the start of the marketing campaign.

Developing The Information Product

We can help you develop an information product in various ways:

  • Assess the potential of your expertise to create an information product that will help people and generate sales.
  • Plan and implement the product. We offer copywriting, editing, video, audio recording, and more to develop the product. We can help bring in specialists as needed.

Marketing Your Information Product

The willingness to market the program is the key to success.

We can help plan and implement a marketing strategy:

Some of the tools include:

  • Website dedicated to the product.
  • Mailing lists.
  • Landing pages to grow the list.
  • Free newsletter to provide value and keep you top of mind to potential customers.  You are playing the long game here.
  • Landing pages to sell the product.
  • Sequences to help sell and upsell the information product.
  • Video excerpts and video sales letters.
  • Social media strategies and campaigns.
  • Press releases as appropriate.
  • Testimonials.
  • Content copy with proof value of the offering.
  • Personal appearances and speaking engagements as appropriate.
  • Other direct response advertising.

Sound daunting?  We can do all of that for you.

See What Is Kartra and Why Would I Want It?

Delivering the Information Product

We can help deliver the program in various formats, including:

  • Online delivery as a membership site.
  • Digital download.
  • DVDs, CDs, or USB Drive.
  • Binder packages.
  • Workshops.

Partnering and Freelance Services

There are various ways we work with clients.  One approach is to become and partner with you to develop, market, and sell one or more information products with you.  We do a lot of work and share the profits 50-50.

We provide the development, presentation, and marketing purely on a freelance basis where you pay a retainer for service rendered.

A hybrid approach may also work, where you pay a retainer for specific services and also split the revenue according to an agreed percentage.

If we help your product make hundreds of thousands of dollars, we want to share that in a win-win arrangement.

Are You A Good Fit For Us?

Here are some factors we are looking for in a information product partner.

  • You have an expertise that could be made into a marketable information product.  Do people need and want it?
  • You are willing to contribute content and time to develop the product, including doing some video sessions.
  • You have a list of contacts and social media following that you are willing to use as a start to building a list.
  • You are willing to do personal appearances and interviews to promote yourself and the product.
  • You don’t think ‘marketing’ is a dirty word.

Is that you?

Please contact us to have a preliminary discussion about the potential.

See also  Information Product Development and Marketing


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