Do you have a retail operation with one or more stores?

Is there room to grow your business with more customers and more sales?

Do you see digital marketing working for your competitors?

Would you like to do more marketing to increase sales?

Most businesses will say yes to all of these questions.  

However, they often don’t have a strategy and they don’t have staff with the skills and time to implement a complete Digital Marketing Plan.

We can help.

Members of our team have been working in the Natural Health, Natural Foods industry for many decades.

We’ve run retail shops, been brokers, and created video and marketing materials for small and large companies in your industry.

Seen what works.

Here is a Digital Marketing Plan that you can try for your business. 

Great if you are already doing some of the important steps.

Grow Your Mailing List

While not the sexiest marketing tool, a mailing list works.  I subscribe to mailing lists that send out something interesting every single day.  Eventually, I will take action on something I receive in my inbox.

The secret sauce is that each email needs to be interesting and relevant to your customer.  

Things to include are:

  • Your weekly sales brochures.
  • Information about new products or services.
  • Articles about new developments in your industry.
  • What’s on sale.
  • What you recommend.
  • News about customer appreciation day, product demonstrations, and other fun events in your store.

Use Video

Video is everywhere and growing daily.  We could cite many studies that show how important video is in marketing.  The evidence is in what you see on your screens.  
Video simply engages and works.
We have experience creating effective videos for wholesalers and retailers in your industry. Some of our clients have paid thousands of dollars for a single short clip.  
You do not need to spend that to increase your sales with video.
Some clips to add to your marketing include:

  • A product recommendation.
  • News about a sale.
  • A clip about a special event.
  • A profile of your store.
  • Clips from your suppliers.
  • And much more.

We recommend using at least one video a week across your website, mailing list, and social media.

Create once, use many times.

Use Social Media

Facebook. LinkeIn. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest.  The New Thingy. It can be overwhelming.
Instagram has a billion users with 500 million active users every day.
Facebook Groups and Pages are used by many thriving businesses.
Facebook Ads can be an inexpensive way to increase your presence, your sales, and grow your mailing list. 

How We Can Help

We would like to run a pilot project with your business to increase your bottom line.

Risk-free at a rate you can afford.

We propose to work with you for one month to do the following:

  1. Build a mailing list.
  2. Send out 5 emails a week.
  3. Create and deploy one video clip a week. That is 4 effective clips a month.
  4. Grow Facebook and Instagram followers.
  5. Post on Facebook and Instagram at least once a day.

This is how you can track how effective the campaign works for your business.
First of all, measure where your business is right now with metrics that are important to your business:

How Will You Know It Works?

  • What are your daily sales?
  • Track how many people come in your door each day?
  • What is the average spend per customer?
  • How many people are on your mailing list?
  • Do you have many followers do you have on social media?
  • How many people buy the products actively promoted?

You establish a benchmark at the beginning of the pilot project and measure at the end.

Success indicators are:

  • More sales.
  • A larger mailing list.
  • More people coming in your door.
  • Increased spending per customer.
  • More social media followers.
  • Noticeable boosts in sales of the products that are promoted.

Risk-Free Guarantee

 Try the campaign for a month and we don’t increase your numbers for most of these metrics, we will refund your money in full.

What Is Your Investment?

If you are doing some or all of the above already, you will have a good idea about how much time and money for staff a Complete Digital Media Plan implementation can cost.

Larger companies will have budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars to run similar campaigns.  Sometimes they will spend that each day.  

It works.

How much is 5% more sales a day in a large Whole Foods Market?

What would 5% more sales per day do for your business?

Would 20% more sales help your profitability?

Our Special Offer

We want to have a long term relationship with your company to help it grow.

We want to make sure our Digital Marketing Plan will work for you.

So here is the deal.

We will implement the tools, strategies, and services to achieve the following:

  • Grow your mailing list.
  • Send out 5 emails a week.
  • Create and deploy 1 video a week.
  • Post at least once a day on Facebook and Instagram.

All you need to do is provide information you already have on products, events, and sales.

There may even be co-op or sponsorship money from suppliers who will love this approach.

Since we want your trust and appreciate that cash flow is not always where you want it to be, we offer to implement the Digital Marketing Plan for your business for one month for a low $997.

All we ask is a $500 retainer to get started.

At the end of the month, you pay the balance out of your increased sales.
Or, if your metrics do not show positive growth, we will return your $500 retainer.

Sound fair?

We fully expect that you will be able to measure an increase in sales for the month.

From there we will discuss an ongoing retainer to continue to grow your business using our Digital Marketing Plan.

By then we will know your business better and you will know and trust us.

Together we can determine a monthly budget to generate growth appropriate for your business.

What do you think?

Greg Dixon

Complete Digital Marketing for Natural Health Retailers
604 762-6410