Are you too busy to run your business or enjoy your life?

informaton overload

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Another pair of eyes will see what you yourself may not. Here are some examples of what Greg and I observed in a few businesses we visited.

  • Owner was too busy in the cooking his restaurant kitchen to make sure that the lights are working in his outdoor  sign.
  • Owner was too busy grooming dogs to send out a weekly email to her client list.
  • Owner was too busy ordering / receiving products to create a daily /monthly/yearly plan.
  • Owner was too busy answering the phone instead of training staff are trained to handle the everyday problems.
  • Owner was too busy writing copy for website instead of having a home life.

What else are you too busy doing instead of  managing your business?

Many retailers and solopreneurs operate in the same place TOO BUSY!

So why do we busy ourselves to the point of no return?

Because we are TOO BUSY running without making a plan!

So as the skit suggests on  Bob Newhart Show many years ago.

STOP IT yes STOP IT did you hear STOP IT 

Right now take a breath and sit still and ask yourself the question of why you are too busy.

What is driving you crazy?

What are you doing right now instead of the important thing that needs to be done?

Your health and the health of your business depends on your ability to release the busy-ness and look from a different perspective to work and run your business.

My friend Kathy Pauuw,  a life, business and productivity coach said to me, “Do what you do best and hire out the rest”.

If you are doing what you love amazing things can be accomplished.

If you are doing things that others can do, release and allow others to do them.

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