The most stunning sign your noticed recently was probably a LED video sign.

The evolution of signs has gone from static sign boards, to more elaborate lighted signs, to monochrome LED message boards, to tri-colour message boards, to full colour message boards, to full color LED video signs.

A few years ago the digital signs were quite ugly and expensive.  You can still see lots of those in place today.

If you saw a spectacular LED video sign it was probably in front of a casino or stadium and was very expense.

Recently the quality has been going up and the prices coming down so that even small businesses can benefit from a full color video sign, from small signs that go on a wall in a window to large signs mounted on poles or stands in front of your business.

A combination of a lighted moulded sign and an electronic massage center can be a very effective combination.

I think the LED Video signs will soon dominate outdoor signage.  Here is why:

  • If you want to change your logo and branding, you can simply reprogram the sign to show the new images. A custom made sign is costly to replace if the design is not working.
  • Announcements and product features can be as tacky or tasteful as you want.
  • Simple video sequences can attract attention and communicate your method better than scrolling text.
  • They look cool and expensive, even if the price was not more than a static sign.

We are researching various LED sign suppliers to recommend.