Bonnie and I have worked with Dr. Melba Burns to create an online course and website based on my Romance Your Writer Within book and my decades of teaching writing and creativity.

Romance Your Writer Withing

Love Writing?

Are you an aspiring writer?

Are you a writer who sometimes gets stuck?

Do you want to explore your creativity and get to know your true Self better?

Do you like to write poetry, short stories, novels, blog posts, screenplays, or anything else that could be considered creative writing?

Would you like to have fifty engaging lessons that are like fifty fun and intimate dates with your Lover?

Then we have what you are looking for.

Resources For You

Check out what we are offering at

  1. Information and video about writing and creativity.
  2. A free newsletter so that we can send information, announcements, and invitations to you.
  3. An online course presenting the Romance Your Writer Within ‘Dates’ with your Writer Within.
    The course includes video, audio, text, meditations, and more.
    You will get to know your Creative Self intimately as though she were your Lover!
  4. Announcements about upcoming live Workshops and Webinars that you can attend to explore your writing and creativity in an interactive setting.
  5. How to work with Dr. Melba Burns as a Personal Coach to take your writing projects to the next level.

Please visit and let us know what you think about the site and what you have been doing with your writing.