Good signage can make an immediate impact on your bricks and mortar location.  A lighted sign, LED sign, or combination sign lets the thousands of potential customers that drive or walk by that you are there and open for business.

Say you are driving down a highway looking for a hotel to stay the night. One hotel has a clean sign that clearly says that the hotel is open and has room for you.  Another one has a broken down sign that makes you wonder if you would need to wear rubber boots in the washroom and wonder where the exterminator van is parked.

Which one would you choose?

A sign is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business.  A good impression can help a lot with sales.

Color LED Message Boards

Sample LED Scrolling

Sizes range from 31″ x 13″ to 168″ x 36″

See Multicolor LED Signs Brochure

We have a small programmable color LED sign that with can demonstrate at your location.

Full Color LED Video Signs

Video LED Sign

LED Video signs

Sizes range from 41″ x 29″ to 104″ x 54″

We have a small full color video sign on order to demonstrate how a video sign can impact your business.

At one time these were tools used by casinos, arenas, auto dealers, and other large companies.  Now the qualityis up and  and price is down to the point where small businesses can get in the game.

We can help you choose a sign that right for your business and help with the programming.

In Store Pop Video Players

We can supply video players that install on a shelf to feature specific products.  The video begins playing when motion is detected.

The content can be any video, including video created by the player supplier, video we create for you, your own video, or video provided by the product supplier.

We have a demonstration unit if you would like to see it on your shelf.

Large Lighted Signs

Many of the large companies have signs that are visible in the next count!

We research local sign companies hand can recommend what to look for to ensure that you will get the right sign, installed correctly, and properly supported.  Some regions are hard on signs.

This sign at Collins Street Bakery in Texas is visible from Germany!  That is our 24′ RV that is dwarfed by the sign.

Very large sign

This is not a sign your handyman can install!