It’s like having a full-time demonstration person

Retail has changed…Years ago, Health Foods retailers could afford a slow pace for new products to catch-on as supplement products could be patiently explained by several floor staff.  Now, it’s harder to get and keep your share of the pie.  Tight profit margins effect store staff levels, increasing staff turnover, leaving fewer training opportunities.

Now…there’s fewer retail staff to tell the product stories that customers need to hear.

But wait…

PopVideo can help you tell those product stories right on On-shelf video ads work right on the shelf—It’s like having a demo in the store 24/7!

Proven Sales Booster

Marketing research and PopVideo customers have proven that one of the best ways for shoppers to discover new or ‘new to you’ products is with short on-shelf video ads.  Thousands of store deployments have proven the power PopVideo’s on-shelf video ads to tell product stories when
shoppers are ready to listen and ready to buy.  PopVideo can dramatically increase those products unit sales velocity. Reported results have shown:

  • Year-over-year, same product, in-aisle promotions have shown up-to 70% increases
  • Adding PopVideo to promotional end-caps has shown 89%–120% increases

PopVideo is proven to work in natural channel stores.

Plus, as a bonus, PopVideo helps to familiarize store staff with new or unfamiliar product stories, allowing staff to better explain them.

Modern Video Advertising

Our “smart video” tech makes it easy to use and unobtrusive because it’s motion-activated.

  • No non-stop looping to drive the staff crazy! — sleeps when shoppers leave, wakes as they return
  • No need to lose facings or do a reset—just place bottles on its stage-top for easy installation and use
  • Use cordless with rechargeable batteries or plug it in
  • Easy installation—just tighten wingnut on any shelf

The Power of Video

YouTube and Facebook have proven the power of video ads.  Now you can bring that power directly to the shopping shelf.

The PopVideo Solution

We create broadcast-quality information videos that run
in our PopVideo players on your shelves.

We offer packages that include video production, player rentals, and training.

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