Kartra is an amazing all-in-one marketing, eCommerce, video, and membership site hosting platform that is launching soon.  I was part of the Beta testing program and we are building our business on it.

Here is an overview of the kinds of things you can do with Kartra.

We provide all Kartra Services for our clients.

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Mailing Lists

The mailing list is the heart of how many organizations communicate with their members, clients, and potential clients.  Platforms such as Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, and MailChimp support growing lists and broadcasting to mailing lists with offers, information, or newsletters.  If you are inclined to join lists, you likely receive email from systems like these.

Kartra offers list management with beautiful templates and automations and analytics that are simple to use.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM platforms like Infusionsoft and SalesForce help you maintain contact with customers and potential customers and track all points of engagement.  I have heard CRM describes as Customer Retention Management.  Also a good thing.

Kartra tracks all of your interactions with a person, including what emails they received, what they opened, what videos they watched, what offers they clicked on, and when they purchased.

Kartra’s strength is that is takes essential business services and implements and integrates into an overall system

Sales Funnels

If you have ever bought anything online, you likely went through a sales funnel.  You saw something intriguing, entered your name and email to find out more, watched a video or two, then signed up or moved on.  Some of the biggest players are Lead Pages and Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels.  There are many more.

Kartra comes with a range of effective sales funnels prebuilt for you by the best copywriters and marketers in the business.  You simply choose the type of sales funnel, the templates you want to use, and customize the text, offers, upsells, and sales bumps.

The funnels also are preconfigured to manage all of the related automations and tracking.  For example, people who buy a product or service from you receive a thank you message with any information they need to know about their purchase.

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page dedicated to encourage people to take an action such as sign up for your email newsletter or join a sales funnel for something they are interested in.

Kartra has a great selection of templates and design tools to build highly effective and gorgeous landing pages that can by hosted by Kartra or integrated into your site.

One main marketing strategy is to use social media posts, press releases, email marketing, newsletter, content marketing, and other direct response strategies to get people to your landing pages.

Kartra Launching Soon

Membership Sites

A membership site is a username and password protected area where members get access to text, video, and other resources included in an Information Product.

One of our main uses of Kartra will be be to host membership sites.  We are in discussion with a number of authors, teachers, coaches, and trainers to make Information Products out of their expertise.

See Anatomy of an Information Product

Help Desk

Most products require support from time to time.  Kartra provides a Help Desk system where customers can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and submit service requests.

Video Hosting

Video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo offer amazing services.   Each platform has unique strengths and limitations .

Kartra offers video hosting that tightly integrates into Kartra landing pages, sales funnels, content pages, and membership sites.


You likely already subscribe to a number of online services and payment processors.

Kartra integrates into a growing range of services, including:

 Kartra Mail, PayPal, Stripe, AMember, Autorize.Net, Braintree, DigitalAccess Pass,
Elastic-Email, @mailgun, nexmo, optimizepress, plivo, postmark, s2Member, SendGrid, tropo, trillio,
and WishList.

Kartra Offers Much Much More

There is much more to Kartra than described above and more features added daily.

Kartra services

Kartra will come out of the gate as a fabulous one-stop source for everything you need to be a successful online marketer or information product provider.

The main strength of Kartra is that it provides everything you need with seamless integrations and easy setups.  Beautiful!

We are also using Kartra ourselves to help promote our clients and sell products and services to make the world a better place.

Kartra Launching Soon

Become a Kartra Affiliate to earn great commissions and prizes for the launch.

Become a Kartra Affiliate

We Implement Kartra Services To Light Up Your Business

We will use our Kartra account to help our clients grow their business and light up their life.

We support clients who purchase Kartra with consulting services. We help you make the most of what Kartra can do for your business.

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